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Single and Me                                                
Essays and Short Stories

                                                          Andrea Wisniowski

      Single and Me:
   He told me, out of the blue, that he misses a woman. He misses her, he said. Stan, the Single. Desperately.
   He longs for her arms and the line of her hips, for her breasts which rose delightfully, whenever his mouth
   approached them. For her stroking, daring and searching, for her voice. He longs for the luring struggling
   in her eyes when he was filled with desire, for her rebellious hair, for her smell. He is craving for the
   imperceptible shivering with which she approved of his delicate caressing. All he wants is, even if it
   might be for the last time, to kiss her earlobes and whisper to her that things are not as bad as they appear
   to be. He longs to raise her and to press her against himself. He misses her. Painfully. He lacks her ...

SINGLE und andere Erzählungen
                                                          Andrea Wisniowski

                                                       Hrsg. Andreas Wisniowski
                                                     Photos: Andreas Wisniowski

                                                       Erzählungen und Essays:
Mio Signore amato,  Septembermelancholie,
                                  Hôtel des Amis,
Dynamit verballern, Loip und, und ...


                                                            Andrea Wisniowski

                                                       Hrsg. Andreas Wisniowski
                                                    Photos: Andreas Wisniowski
                                     ISBN-10: 3000106286, ISBN-13: 978-300106286
                                      Gedruckt und gebunden von Pustet, Regensburg

                                              You are a Yogi! Sutras and Asanas
                                               Andreas and Andrea Wisniowski
                                               Photographs: Andreas Wisniowski
                                                   Preamble: Andrea Wisniowski

Du bst ein Yogi!
                                                          Andreas Wisniowski
                                                    Photos: Andreas Wisniowski
                                                   Vorwort: Andrea Wisniowski

                                             Mit Yoga-Sutras sowie Sentenzen aus
                                           der Bhagavatgita und den Upanishaden.

  Andrea  Wisniowski  (Autorin)

                Robert Musil

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               My Kenya Days

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              Mémoires d'Hadrien
                                                          Mare, Livorno, Italy (Foto: Single und andere Erzählungen)

                                                                                                         Djemaa el Fna. Marrakech.

      Europe - India - Europe
               by Fiat 126
                27.000 km

             Lens Archive
                                                                                                                   Puri. India
                                                                                                                Varanasi 1976
                                                                                                                 Holi Varanasi

                                                                                                   Yogi, Karnataka, Indien

                                                                                                Yatra - Pilgrims. Calcutta. India.

                                                                                          Samburu Lmurani - North-Eastern Kenya

Explorer point -  Samburu - Maralal

     Yogi mit Dasala Blume, Novices, Karnataka, India