You are a Yogi !  Sutras and Asanas

    consists of over 60 unique photographs Andreas Wisniowski has taken in Karnataka, India. As subtitles to the portraits showing Swamijis and novices practising yogasanas, the author's wife, Andrea, has
  selected  sutras attributed to Patanjali and treatises from the Bhagavatgita and the Upanishads and
  engaged with  beautiful hymns of Basava and Akka Devi, the poets and illustrious figures of the
  Lingayats, as well. Her renderings are to be found in chapter VI. You are a Yogi!  is a book which
  addresses everybody who, regardless of age and gender, has a keen interest in India and in one of the
  oldest religious and spiritual Yoga practices. It is, likewise,  a great visual experience: the spectacular
  photographs it comprises are a joy to look at and a great gift for those who derive pleasure from aesthetic
  encounters. This book is a tribute to the young yogis and proponents of Lingayatism, a statement to a
  profound and fascinating culture.
   Photographs: Andreas Wisniowski   Preamble: Andrea Wisniowski

     Du bist ein Yogi


   Eine wohl gemeinte Empfehlung des berühmten Maestros der Keralakalamandalam Art and
   Performance  Academy, wonach unverfälschtes Yogitum nirgendwo sonst als bei den Lingayats im
   südindischen Karnataka vorzufinden sei, führte mich zu der Tempelanlage, deren Name, schnell
   ausgesprochen, sich wie siivyogman-diram anhört. Shivayoga, der Gott aller Yogis, und Mandira,
   Tempel, - zwei zu einem Wort verschmolzene Begriffe - erklären dieses Gefüge: Shivayogamandira!


    Keralakalamandalam Art and Performance Academy
    Karnataka India

Young Swamijis, Yogis,  Karnataka
Yoga Sandalen. Pada Raksha. Western Ghats,  Paduka sandals

                  SRI PATANJALI


             VAMANAULI. Yoga. Asana.
                         Karnataka. India.

          Yoga ist weder für den, der allzu
               viel isst, noch für jenen, der
               über das Maß hinaus fastet.
             Er ist nicht für den, der allzu
              viel schläft, noch für jenen,
              der übertrieben viel wacht.

                                                              Lale, Maralal National Sanctuary, Kenya - "World Art - Africa"
                                                                                                          Maralal National Sanctuary, Kenya

Monsun - Ganges, monsoon - 1976, India
Morocco, Kasbah - Explorer point
                                                                                 Three friends -  Mombasa, Kenya,  Andreas Wisniowski